We help you clear out the clutter for a range of spaces, including but not limited to kitchens, bedrooms, offices, playrooms, garage, and storage spaces. Then we make sure that the rooms work as intended so that your daily stresses are reduced.

Initial Complimentary Phone Call

We spend time discussing your project goals and desired outcomes. I want to know what parts of your home are impacting the effectiveness of you in your home. We will also discuss what types of services you desire, and the call will allow us both to assess how we can work together and achieve success on the project.

Home walk-through and needs assessment and planning

Generally a 1-2 hour session depending on the size of the home. This includes reviewing the home’s layout and furniture placement. During this review, we will discuss how you want your house to work and what currently works and what does not work. During the time, I will make recommendations on how spaces could be better utilized and the resources to get there. Additionally, we will discuss a plan of action for you to use to improve the functionality of your spaces and leave you with some great “home strategies.”

Hands-on organization

Minimum of a 3-hour session. We work together to sort, purge, plan, and finalize the best places for your items. By working together, I can bring my professional skills to the project to make sure the goals outlined are achieved and that the space works as desired.

Re-design of spaces

Utilizing your existing furniture, we can work together to rearrange the placement of specific items to make the space more functional and efficient.


These sessions are times where we get together to refresh the plan and space. We use this time to get spaces back on track or to make modifications due to the ever-changing needs in life.

  • Hourly and discounted packages available.
  • Weekday and weekend availability.