-What is a professional organizer?
A Professional Organizer works with clients to share best practices to help them reach their organizational goals. Best practices can include ideas, products, manpower and education that allows the client to have a clean and orderly space that works for their lifestyle.
-Who needs a professional organizer?
Anyone who is frustrated with how their homes function and wants to make a change, but either doesn't have the time or knowledge on how to get it done.
-What is re-design?
Re-design is similar to organization but with furniture. It involves using the clients existing furniture and accessories in a new arrangement that helps with function, flow and aesthetics.
-What is the cost?
What is the cost of being disorganized? Do you spend extra time looking for items? Does being home amongst the clutter cause more stress in your day. Having a space that works as intended can impact the quality of your life more than people realize until it is improved.
-How do you charge, by the hour or by the project?
Most professional organizers charge by the hour and so do I. However, I will keep us on track and motivated so that you get the most “bang for your buck”. Many people are surprised how much we can get done together in our time together.
-How long will it take?
Every project is unique so it is impossible to give a firm number on how long a project will take. We will work together to determine which services best fit your requirements and budget. It is important to note that your motivation and willingness to work together towards change also impacts how quickly we can accomplish our goals. I will use my experience and expertise to make sure we use our time effectively.
-What happens to my stuff?
Everything we do with be done together. Nothing will be removed without you agreeing to it. We will discuss the many options (recycle, sell, donate, trash)  on what can be done with your items.
-Will You Share My Mess with Others?
No, everything we do is confidential. I must obey a rule of ethics under the National Association of Professional Organizers, which means all client information is confidential. I may ask for your release to take some before and after pictures, but your name will never be associated with the pictures.